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Patrick J. Mitchell Photo Shoot

Patrick J. Mitchell Photo Shoot

February 14th, 2016

Story by:
Jerry Grugin

Patrick J. Mitchell / Photo by:  Jerry Grugin
© Jerry Grugin of Key Moments Photography by J & G
February 14th, 2016

On February 14th, 2016, Patrick J. Mitchell asked me to do a photo shoot of him in Lexington, Kentucky.  The photo shoot lasted only about 30 minutes because it was 19 degrees outside.  There was a light dusting of snow on the ground.  Patrick chose railroad tracks as the setting for the photo shoot.  I love railroad track photo shoots, and the snow added a new dimension for this particular railroad track photo shoot.  By the time the photo shoot was finished, my hands were numb and tingling.  It is extremely difficult to do a photo shoot with gloves on;  it's not impossible, but I prefer being able to feel the camera controls.  I was honored that Patrick asked me to photo shoot him.  Patrick is one of the best photographers in Lexington, KY, and, for that matter, in the state of Kentucky.  I consider him a friend and a mentor and I've learned much from him. 

I first met Patrick at an event called the Senior Summer Jam in Lexington, Kentucky.  I was a photographer at that event.  Patrick was also photographing that event and had all the tools of the trade.  I was somewhat awe-struck.  He had a full frame Nikon Camera with all the accessories.  He looked the part of a photographer.  We exchanged pleasantries and business cards.  

Not long after, Patrick sent me a friend request on Facebook.  Patrick then asked me to join a photography group in Lexington, Kentucky.  His role in the group is teacher and mentor.  The very first group photo shoot I attended was a photo shoot at the Henry Clay Estate.  Morgan Jones was the model.  I soaked in as much knowledge as I could at the time.  Patrick went around to each person in the photography group and engaged with one-on-one photography instruction.  I learned many things at this shoot.  This is where the world of photography really began to open up for me and I realized the immense power of my camera.

Patrick J. Mitchell / © Jerry Grugin of Key Moments Photography by J & G

What I've learned most from Patrick is photographing from different angles.  I used to shoot at 45 degree angles and only on one level.  From Patrick, I've learned to shoot below the model, above the model, and at the sides of the model.  I've learned how to position models and I've learned a great deal about depth of field.  I was already experimenting with these different techniques when I met Patrick, but he brought these techniques to life.  He offered real and constructive criticism and did it in a manner that inspired me.  This has made my photos 100 percent better.  I've also learned different lighting techniques from Patrick which has also improved my skills.

Just wanted to thank Patrick for having confidence in my work and inspiring me to be a better photographer.  Thank you Patrick!

Patrick J. Mitchell - © Jerry Grugin of Key Moments Photography by J & G

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